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A colorful & playful way to help your little one get more familiar with shapes & colors, and learn to differentiate them. So soft & comfy to be around you wont have to worry about your baby’s safety. Totally portable & lightweight; you can fold it and take it along with you...


8 x 9 Saddle-Stitched Booklet
PRINTED Real Size Templates

This pattern includes step by step, professionally illustrated instructions in full color and real size templates. You will also find many tips for the completion of each project, helpful glossary terms and a metric conversion chart for international sewers.


A circular playmat with a 41" diameter.
Geometric shapes are approx. 8" in diameter.


◦ 1¼ yd. of Fabric A
◦ ⅜ yd. of Fabric B
◦ 1¼ yd. of Fabric C
◦ ¼ yd. of Fabric D
◦ ¼ yd. of Fabric E
◦ ½ yd. of Fabric F
◦ 1¼ yd. of thick batting
◦ 1½ yd. of Lightweight Fusible Interfacing
◦ Fiber fill (polyester stuffing)


◦ Scissors & Ruler
◦ Iron
◦ Straight pins
◦ Sewing needle
◦ Cotton threads
◦ Fabric marker

Pat Bravo