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Passionate persistence and an infinite love for design have led Pat Bravo to design forty collections over the past fourteen years. Legendary tells the story of her best-selling designs, and brings them together harmoniously through what is Pat’s signature: an exquisite use of color.


Indie Folk - Memories

  • LGD-39700 Stitched AnthomaniaLGD-39700
    Stitched Anthomania Bold
  • LGD-39701 Marqueterie BoldLGD-39701
    Marqueterie Bold
  • LGD-39702 Wonderlust BoldLGD-39702
    Wonderlust Bold
  • LGD-39703 Brit Boutique BoldLGD-39703
    Brit Boutique Bold
  • LGD-39704 Femme Metale BoldLGD-39704
    Femme Metale Bold
  • LGD-39705 Meadow BoldLGD-39705
    Meadow Bold
  • LGD-39706 Collar Ends BoldLGD-39706
    Collar Ends Bold
  • LGD-39707 Collar Ends Dreams LGD-39707
    Collar Ends Dreams
  • LGD-39708 Trinkets Bold LGD-39708
    Trinkets Bold
  • LGD-39709 Trinkets Dreams LGD-39709
    Trinkets Dreams
  • LGD-39710 Flecks Bold LGD-39710
    Flecks Bold
  • LGD-39711 Flecks Dreams LGD-39711
    Flecks Dreams



Indie Folk - Fables

  • LGD-49700 Stitched Anthomania Boho LGD-49700
    Stitched Anthomania Boho
  • LGD-49701 Marqueterie Boho LGD-49701
    Marqueterie Boho
  • LGD-49702 Wonderlust Boho LGD-49702
    Wonderlust Boho
  • LGD-49703 Brit Boutique Boho LGD-49703
    Brit Boutique Boho
  • LGD-49704 Femme Metale Boho LGD-49704
    Femme Metale Boho
  • LGD-49705 Meadow Boho LGD-49705
    Meadow Boho
  • LGD-49706 Collar Ends Boho LGD-49706
    Collar Ends Bohol
  • LGD-49707 Collar Ends Soul LGD-49707
    Collar Ends Soul
  • LGD-49708 Trinkets Boho LGD-49708
    Trinkets Boho
  • LGD-49709 Trinkets Soul LGD-49709
    Trinkets Soul
  • LGD-49710 Flecks Boho LGD-49710
    Flecks Boho
  • LGD-49711 Flecks Soul LGD-49711
    Flecks Soul




  • K-39709 Trinkets Dreams K-39709
    Trinkets Dreams
  • K-49702 Wonderlust Boho K-49702
    Wonderlust Boho
  • K-49706 Collar Ends Boho K-49706
    Collar Ends Boho




  • R-39702-1 Wonderlust Dreams R-39702-1
    Wonderlust Dreams
  • R-39705 Meadow Bold R-39705
    Meadow Bold



Pat Bravo