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Indie Folk

The last installment of Pat’s Indie trilogy, is crowned with Indie Folk. This collection expresses a visual story of Pat’s love for folklore and the world around her. Ornamental florals and minimalistic ethnic designs are splashed with saturated colors for sewing eclectic projects with a trendy twist.


Indie Folk - Memories

  • IFL-46300 Khokhloma BurgundiaIFL-46300
    Khokhloma Burgundia
  • IFL-46301 Flecks AuburnIFL-46301
    Flecks Auburn
  • IFL-46302 Meadow DimIFL-46302
    Meadow Dim
  • IFL-46303 Droplet Petal MalachiteIFL-46303
    Droplet Petal Malachite
  • IFL-46304 Trinket VividIFL-46304
    Trinket Vivid
  • IFL-46305 Mist Flora LuminousIFL-46305
    Mist Flora Luminous
  • IFL-46307 Tartan MidnightIFL-46307
    Tartan Midnight
  • IFL-46308 Verdant Bloom IFL-46308
    Verdant Bloom
  • IFL-46309 Whirl Rouge IFL-46309
    Whirl Rouge
  • IFL-46310 Trójkąt Sunrise IFL-46310
    Trójkąt Sunrise



Indie Folk - Fables

  • IFL-56300 Khokhloma Gloom IFL-56300
    Khokhloma Gloom
  • IFL-56301 Flecks Indigo IFL-56301
    Flecks Indigo
  • IFL-56302 Meadow Vivid IFL-56302
    Meadow Vivid
  • IFL-56303 Droplet Petal Storm IFL-56303
    Droplet Petal Storm
  • IFL-56304 Trinket Blush IFL-56304
    Trinket Blush
  • IFL-56306 Pathways Rich IFL-56306
    Pathways Rich
  • IFL-56307 Tartan Teal IFL-56307
    Tartan Teal
  • IFL-56308 Powder Bloom IFL-56308
    Powder Bloom
  • IFL-56309 Whirl Mauve IFL-56309
    Whirl Mauve
  • IFL-56310 Trójkąt Desert IFL-56310
    Trójkąt Desert




  • K-56300 Khokhloma Gloom K-56300
    Khokhloma Gloom
  • K-56302 Meadow Vivid K-56302
    Meadow Vivid
  • K-56308 Powder Bloom K-56308
    Powder Bloom
  • K-46305 Mist Flora Luminous K-46305
    Mist Flora Luminous
  • K-46310 Trójkąt Sunrise K-46310
    Trójkąt Sunrise




  • R-46302 Meadow Dim R-46302
    Meadow Dim




  • C-56300 Khokhloma Gloom C-56300
    Khokhloma Gloom
Pat Bravo