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With drawing at the heart of her creative process, Pat Bravo crafts a collection that captures the ethnic expression trend through a medley of etchings. Floral motifs are created with bold brush strokes, and energized geometrics combine with artistic patterning. Etno is playfully crafted, and outlined with a sophisticated color palette of tan hues, aquamarine, spiced yellow and ambrosia.


Dainty Folk Palette

  • ETN-40040 Stitched Anthomania LusterETN-40040
    Stitched Anthomania Luster
  • ETN-40041 Shore Remains AlgaeETN-40041
    Shore Remains Algae
  • ETN-40042 Cubist Perception ETN-40042
    Cubist Perception
  • ETN-40043 Contempo Pyramids Aqua ETN-40043
    Contempo Pyramids Aqua
  • ETN-40044 Dreams of Amina ETN-40044
    Dreams of Amina
  • ETN-40045 Sauvage Sky Larkspur ETN-40045
    Sauvage Sky Larkspur
  • ETN-40047 Looming Love Gem ETN-40047
    Looming Love Gem
  • ETN-40048 Angle Inception Polar ETN-40048
    Angle Inception Polar
  • ETN-40049 Instinct Blooms Terra ETN-40049
    Instinct Blooms Terra
  • ETN-40050 Rhythmic Totems Sienna ETN-40050
    Rhythmic Totems Sienna



Amorous Fusion Palette

  • ETN-50040 Stitched Anthomania Deep ETN-50040
    Stitched Anthomania Deep
  • ETN-50041 Shore Remains Trinkets ETN-50041
    Shore Remains Trinkets
  • ETN-50043 Contempo Pyramids Ebony ETN-50043
    Contempo Pyramids Ebony
  • ETN-50044 Dreams of Kandace ETN-50044
    Dreams of Kandace
  • ETN-50045 Sauvage Sky Artic ETN-50045
    Sauvage Sky Artic
  • ETN-50046 Drops of Pamplemousse ETN-50046
    Drops of Pamplemousse
  • ETN-50047 Looming Love Pastel ETN-50047
    Looming Love Pastel
  • ETN-50048 Angle Inception Soil ETN-50048
    Angle Inception Soil
  • ETN-50049 Instinct Blooms Cinder ETN-50049
    Instinct Blooms Cinder
  • ETN-50051 Sauvage Sky North ETN-50051
    Sauvage Sky North




  • K-50040 Stitched Anthomania Deep K-50040
    Stitched Anthomania Deep
  • K-40042 Cubist Perception K-40042
    Cubist Perception
  • K-50047 Looming Love Pastel K-50047
    Looming Love Pastel
  • K-50041 Shore Remains Trinkets K-50041
    Shore Remains Trinkets




  • V-40041 Shore Remains Algae V-40041
    Shore Remains Algae
  • V-40049 Instinct Blooms Terra V-40049
    Instinct Blooms Terra
Pat Bravo