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Intricate figures that reveal an avant-garde approach. Flowing prints influenced by the Art Nouveau movement fused with today's colors. An elegant and timeless collection that will appeal to every generation.


Sugar - Creamy Gelato Palette

  • FG-5530 Ash Nouveau SwirlsFG-5530
    Ash Nouveau Swirls
  • FG-5531 Buff Curvy StitchingFG-5531
    Buff Curvy Stitching
  • FG-5532 Fresh Goldsmiths' Work FG-5532
    Fresh Goldsmiths' Work
  • FG-5533 Sunny Tender Sprouts FG-5533
    Sunny Tender Sprouts
  • FG-5534 Golden Telkari Medallions FG-5534
    Golden Telkari Medallions
  • FG-5535 Teal Deco Plants FG-5535
    Teal Deco Plants
  • FG-5536 White Flowery Trellis FG-5536
    White Flowery Trellis
  • FG-5537 Stormy Terrace Pots FG-5537
    Stormy Terrace Pots
  • FG-5538 Sage Blossoming FG-5538
    Sage Blossoming


Filigree - Blush Palette

  • FG-6530 White Nouveau Swirls FG-6530
    White Nouveau Swirls
  • FG-6531 Grey Curvy Stitching FG-6531
    Grey Curvy Stitching
  • FG-6532 Warm Goldsmiths' Work FG-6532
    Warm Goldsmiths' Work
  • FG-6533 Dusty Tender Sprouts FG-6533
    Dusty Tender Sprouts
  • FG-6534 Maroon Telkari Medallions FG-6534
    Maroon Telkari Medallions
  • FG-6535 Blush Deco Plants FG-6535
    Blush Deco Plants
  • FG-6536 Lime Flowery Trellis FG-6536
    Lime Flowery Trellis
  • FG-6537 Bright Terrace Pots FG-6537
    Bright Terrace Pots
  • FG-6538 Pink Blossoming FG-6538
    Pink Blossoming
Pat Bravo