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With an affinity for history and defined periods of time,Pat Bravo dares to travel to a modern time decorated with pieces of Pop art and clean bold shapes. She has created an invitation for everyone to jump into building a life surrounded by beautiful flowers, geometrical designs and bold arrangements in distinct shades of blue, electric pink, and balancing white.


DARE - Dare to be Bold Palette

  • DAR-54300 Brave Bloomed FirmDAR-54300
    Brave Bloomed Firm
  • DAR-54301 Wafting Plaid TracedDAR-54301
    Wafting Plaid Traced
  • DAR-54302 Twriling Ideas PunchDAR-54302
    Twriling Ideas Punch
  • DAR-54303 A Path of ClarityDAR-54303
    A Path of Clarity
  • DAR-54304 Pop Art SpringblossomDAR-54304
    Pop Art Springblossom
  • DAR-54305 Thread On DelightDAR-54305
    Thread On Delight
  • DAR-54306 Opt Out Of NormDAR-54306
    Opt Out Of Norm
  • DAR-54307 Defying Buds Sea DAR-54307
    Defying Buds Sea
  • DAR-54308 Rebel Brushstrokes DAR-54308
    Rebel Brushstrokes
  • DAR-54309 Daring Dots DAR-54309
    Daring Dots



DARE - Dare to be Funky Palette

  • DAR-64300 Brave Bloomed Lit DAR-64300
    Brave Bloomed Lit
  • DAR-64301 Wafting Plaid Marked DAR-64301
    Wafting Plaid Marked
  • DAR-64302 Twirling Ideas Clear DAR-64302
    Twirling Ideas Clear
  • DAR-64303 A Path Of Passion DAR-64303
    A Path Of Passion
  • DAR-64304 Pop Art Winterflower DAR-64304
    Pop Art Winterflower
  • DAR-64305 Thread On Charm DAR-64305
    Thread On Charm
  • DAR-64306 Opt Out Of Par DAR-64306
    Opt Out Of Par
  • DAR-64307 Defying Buds Air DAR-64307
    Defying Buds Air
  • DAR-64310 A Path of Certainty DAR-64310
    A Path of Certainty
  • DAR-64311 Open Doors DAR-64311
    Open Doors




  • K-54300 Brave Bloomed Firm K-54300
    Brave Bloomed Firm
  • K-54304 Pop Art Springblossom K-54304
    Pop Art Springblossom
  • K-64306 Opt Out Of Par K-64306
    Opt Out Of Par
  • K-64310 A Path of Certainty K-64310
    A Path of Certainty




  • V-40041 Shore Remains Algae V-64301
    Wafting Plaid Marked




  • DARE Fabric Swatch C-64310 A Path C-64310
    A Path
Pat Bravo