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Memories of an inspiring mother-daughter relationship, stories from a kitchen in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a mutual love of flowers create Nuncia. Named after Pat’s mother in a tribute to her life and the amazing lessons she left for her two daughters.


Nuncia Always with me

  • NUC-11980 Flowers Everywhere IntentionNUC-11980
    Flowers Everywhere Intention
  • NUC-11981 Pretty Eyes TwinklyNUC-11981
    Pretty Eyes Twinkly
  • NUC-11982 Paisleys Forever BohemeNUC-11982
    Paisleys Forever Boheme
  • NUC-11983 Just More RedNUC-11983
    Just More Red
  • NUC-11985 Dance This TangoNUC-11985
    Dance This Tango
  • NUC-11987 Always Do Good CieloNUC-11987
    Always Do Good Cielo
  • NUC-11988 Buenos Aires SudNUC-11988
    Buenos Aires Sud
  • NUC-11989 Faith NUC-11989



Nuncia Always here

  • NUC-21980 Flowers Everywhere Caress NUC-21980
    Flowers Everywhere Caress
  • NUC-21981 Pretty Eyes Sweet NUC-21981
    Pretty Eyes Sweet
  • NUC-21982 Paisleys Forever Rosa NUC-21982
    Paisleys Forever Rosa
  • NUC-21984 The Right Path NUC-21984
    The Right Path
  • NUC-21986 Goodness Thoughts NUC-21986
    Goodness Thoughts
  • NUC-21987 Always Do Good Amor NUC-21987
    Always Do Good Amor
  • NUC-21988 Buenos Aires Pampa NUC-21988
    NUC-21988 Buenos Aires Pampa
  • NUC-21990 Let's Sew Something NUC-21990
    Let's Sew Something




  • K-21980 Flowers Everywhere Caress K-21980
    Flowers Everywhere Caress
  • K-21982 Paisleys Forever Rosa K-21982
    Paisleys Forever Rosa
  • K-21987 Always Do Good Amor K-21987
    Always Do Good Amor




  • R-11982 Paisleys Forever Boheme R-11982
    Paisleys Forever Boheme
  • R-21982-1 Paisleys Forever Turquoise R-21982-1
    Paisleys Forever Turquoise



Pat Bravo