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Meticulously curated to coordinate with all of her existing collections, Pat Bravo’s new line of special blenders is a match made in maker’s heaven.


Essentials II - Azur Palette

  • MTM-9100 Indication BerryMTM-9100
    Indication Berry
  • MTM-9101 Thoughts BerryMTM-9101
    Thoughts Berry
  • MTM-9102 Quartz BerryMTM-9102
    Quartz Berry
  • MTM-9103 PositivityMTM-9103
    Positivity Berry
  • MTM-9104 Expressions BerryMTM-9104
    Expressions Berry



Essentials II - Blush Palette

  • MTM-9200 Indication Gold MTM-9200
    Indication Gold
  • MTM-9201 Thoughts Gold MTM-9201
    Thoughts Gold
  • MTM-9202 Quartz Gold MTM-9202
    Quartz Gold
  • MTM-9203 Positivity Gold MTM-9203
    Positivity Gold
  • MTM-9204 Expressions Gold MTM-9204
    Expressions Gold



Essentials II - Gold Palette

  • MTM-9300 Indication Foliage MTM-9300
    Indication Foliage
  • MTM-9301 Thoughts Foliage MTM-9301
    Thoughts Foliage
  • MTM-9302 Quartz Foliage MTM-9302
    Quartz Foliage
  • MTM-9303 Positivity Foliage MTM-9303
    Positivity Foliage
  • MTM-9304 Expressions Foliage MTM-9304
    Expressions Foliage



Essentials II - Gold Palette

  • MTM-9400 Indication Midnight MTM-9400
    Indication Midnight
  • MTM-9401 Thoughts Midnight MTM-9401
    Thoughts Midnight
  • MTM-9402 Quartz Midnight MTM-9402
    Quartz Midnight
  • MTM-9403 Positivity Midnight MTM-9403
    Positivity Midnight
  • MTM-9404 Expressions Midnight MTM-9404
    Expressions Midnight
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